About Sanne

Fusing forward thinking designs, with superior Savoir Faire

Meet our founder Lena McCroary

After studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins, Lena worked at the tailoring mecca Savile Row in London. The bespoke process of creating a suit captivated her, and she enjoyed the personal relationships developed with each client. It was the pinnacle of luxury shopping.

After discovering the shocking figure that high-end RTW brands typically sell only 30% of their entire stock each season, Lena realised an opportunity to build a house which created a new approach to luxury shopping, designed to tackle the serious problem of overproduction.

With a playful curiosity about the world and society; Lena uses the historically loaded Made-To-Order process learnt on Savile Row, and transforms it into a seamless experience that makes sense today.

Using the romance and experience of the past, juxtaposed with the liberty of the modern world, Sanne has become a brand which fuses forward thinking, contemporary, designs with superior Savoir Faire.

"Sanne designs focus and draw on heritage in a continuously experimental manner, making heritage and craft cool, fun and surprising."

— Lena McCroary, Founder & Creative Director

Now creative director of Sanne, Lena works on designing yearly collections with seasonal capsule drops, that evoke a strong personality, and are as provocative and sophisticated as they are cool-headed and cutting-edge. Sanne’s atelier creates each order as soon as it’s requested from the customer, with a typical turnaround of 5-8 working days. Sanne’s philosophy is deeply entrenched in the platforms of “quality” and “refinement”.

It is for these very principles that we have always shunned mass production, manufacturing lines and outsourcing. Each and every product coming out under Sanne’s name should reflect the hard work put into it by the artisan, showing Sanne’s unwavering commitment to the highest quality.

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